New Collectors makes the art world accessible and engaging.

New Collectors is an art gallery that primarily features work by emerging artists. The gallery was founded on the premise that the art world is inherently difficult to penetrate, and there need to be more approachable ways for people to explore and buy artwork.

The types of exhibitions have ranged widely in the gallery’s first year; there have been shows with students from the School of Visual Arts MFA program, shows curated from open calls, and even exhibitions that utilize augmented reality to display NFTs. The gallery hopes to bring light to new ways of exhibiting while continuing to foster the careers of the artists it represents. 

Sibilla Maiarelli is the Founder and Director of New Collectors. From Italy but raised in New York, she aims to highlight the work of artists who are drawing from their personal experiences of multiple cultures. She is also drawn to artists who have developed unique processes and explore materials in unexpected ways.

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Sibilla is a consultant for individuals and businesses interested in acquiring art or expanding their collection.