August 11, 2022–August 18, 2022

New Collectors is pleased to present Action, a group exhibition with 33 artists curated by Alex Leav and Dylan Rose Rheingold, in support of Planned Parenthood. The work will be exhibited at New Collectors for one week with 80% of the proceeds going directly to Planned Parenthood.

The artists include Caroline Absher, Aiza Ahmed, Garett Ball, Lua Beaulieu, Grace Bromley, Dante Cannatella, Camilla Carper, Ohemaa Dixon, Yuan Fang, Jordyn Fishman, Bryan Fernandez, Clay Forever, Nico Gilmore, Joey Gonnella, Teng Yung Han, Rachel Hayden, Amorelle Jacox, Yirui Jia, Sean Kennedy, Berkley Kirsche, Wes Knoll, Alex Leav, Peter Mix, Juan Argango Palacios, TJ Purdy, Dylan Rose Rheingold, Isabelle Schipper, Sydney Shavers, Kiyomi Quinn Taylor, Chris Thomas, Skye Volmar, Scout Zabinski, and Annie Chen Ziyao.

Special thanks to BODY Vodka and Betty, our neighboring restaurant, for providing a signature cocktail during the opening reception, and to Ghia and Singlecut for also providing refreshments.

Poster design by Bràulio Amado and hat design by Corinne Ferman.

Opening Reception:
August 11, 6–9pm

191 Henry St
New York, NY 10002