Wild City
September 7, 2022–October 9, 2022

New Collectors is pleased to present Wild City, a solo presentation of Lucia Buricelli’s photographs. Buricelli’s work is bizarre and whimsical, with pops of color intensified by the use of a flash. This is her first solo show in the United States, and will feature a selection of limited edition prints from her ongoing series about animals in urban settings.

Wild City showcases 12 photographs that explore the variety of fauna that populate cities, with specific attention to how animals interact with urban environments, and how the actions of humans affect their lives.

Lucia Buricelli started the series in 2018 when she began photographing pigeons in Venice, her hometown. Due to their constant contact with people, the birds are very friendly: they sit on the shoulders of tourists and sometimes even steal their lunch.
After the pigeons in Venice, she started documenting other animals and their interactions all around Italy and in the USA. In New York City she spotted thirsty raccoons drinking coke; in Key West, brave roosters crossing the street and crowing at all hours of the day.

Lucia Buricelli is a photographer from Venice, Italy, based between New York City and
Milan. In her work, Buricelli is interested in exploring everyday life in all its forms:
interactions between people, animals that live in urban environments, objects that have
fallen to the ground, and self-portraits. Ultimately, Buricelli is interested in documenting different
aspects of urban daily life. Her clients include The New York Times, Vogue, Time, Vice,
among others.

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Opening Reception
Wednesday, September 7

We are also pleased to announce our collaboration with A Sweet History at the opening reception. Hannah Spiegelman founded her company in 2017 and has been using ice cream as her artistic medium and educational tool ever since. She will be selling ice cream inspired by Lucia Buricelli's work at the opening reception starting at 6pm until supplies last. 

Available works