November 10, 2023–December 17, 2023

New Collectors is pleased to present Correspondence, Jackie Meier’s debut solo show with the gallery. The exhibition features oil on canvas paintings that showcase her newest series of work, developed over the past two years. In this series, Meier finds harmony between organic and geometric shapes with layered and expansive vignettes of color and intuitive brushstrokes that mirror her lived environment.

For Jackie Meier, the balance between geometric and organic, hard and soft, industrial and natural, is omnipresent and necessary. For years Meier painted geometric compositions and while it was essential for her practice, it wasn’t her desired end point. In exploring brushstrokes, she began to develop a more intuitive way of painting—applying the paint to the canvas, scraping it off, adding more layers and continuing this process until she achieves a composition that satisfies the right balance of structure and intuition.

Opening reception:
Friday, November 10, 6-8pm
191 Henry St, 10002