Nocturnal Formation
October 1, 2021–October 24, 2021

New Collectors presents Nocturnal Formation, an exhibition of artist Anastasia Komar’s most recent works.

Anastasia Komar's work explores ideas of fragmentation and the relationship between an individual and their environment, and how one expands and contracts in reaction to internal and external stimuli. Working during the 2020 lockdown in New York, she captures this body-experience of reacting to— and eventually growing within—catastrophe and, of the yearning and absolute wanting born from a life of seclusion. Her paintings explore the allegorical phantoms of our environment. They are a way of comprehending the ghosts of our present and past, of getting close to the specters which transcend linear time.

Opening Reception
October 1, 6–8pm

191 Henry St
New York, NY 10002