Soft Geometry
October 28, 2022–November 27, 2022

New Collectors is pleased to present Soft Geometry, a group exhibition exploring how contemporary artists subvert formalist practices in geometric abstract painting. The seven artists in this exhibition apply various techniques that result in a range of paintings that are stylistically varied and that relates back to each other.

The artists create their own balance between geometric and organic, formal and informal, calculated and intuitive. Kim Uchiyama and Mark Crawford rely on horizontal and vertical blocks of color to convey both emotion and a sense of architectural structure. Ian Myers’ work contrasts with Uchiyama and Crawford’s work in that it is purely informal: the shapes and colors are the product of painting with thin layers of tempera.

Inhabiting the space between the geometric and the informal is the work of Christopher Dunlap, Maureen McQuillan, Jackie Meier, and Zuriel Waters. These artists adhere to a framework of geometric composition while straying away from hard edges or obvious shapes and forms.

Artists include: Mark Crawford, Christopher Dunlap, Maureen McQuillan, Jackie Meier, Ian Myers, Kim Uchiyama, and Zuriel Waters

Opening reception:
Friday, October 28, 6-8pm
191 Henry st

Online viewing room