The Art of Access
August 9, 2023–August 12, 2023

New Collectors and Visionary Projects are proud to announce The Art of Access, an extraordinary exhibition of work on paper by 83 generous artists, all rallying behind abortion access in our post Roe v. Wade country. The event will be hosted by Projet Moné, a boutique PR agency for the arts, culture, and design communities.

The Art of Access is a collaborative effort to raise funds and awareness for the Brigid Alliance, an organization ensuring access to high-quality, affordable abortion care. By bringing together a diverse array of artistic voices, the exhibition aims to harness the power of art to inspire positive change and make a lasting impact on the lives of people seeking safe abortions in the US.

Bringing together their extensive community of artists, New Collectors and Visionary Projects have curated an impressive collection of works on paper that will showcase diversity in style and medium–all while fitting within the guidelines of work on paper no bigger than 16x20 inches with prices ranging from $150 to $1,000.

Artists include Amorelle Jacox, Andrea Belag, Debbi Kenote, Fanny Brodar, Jack Arthur Wood, Jackie Meier, Jacob Littlejohn, Kim Uchiyama, Kiyomi Quinn Taylor, Michael Gac Levin, Obi Agwam, Pol Morton, Rachel Hayden, Ronan Day Lewis, Skye Volmar, among others.

The Art of Access is the second annual benefit exhibition organized by New Collectors. The first exhibition in August 2022 raised $6,512 for Planned Parenthood. This year, with the inclusion of more artists, and the collaborative efforts of Visionary Projects and Projet Moné, visitor engagement and sales are expected to be more ambitious.

Full list of Participating Artists:
Alex Diamond
Alex Schmidt
Alexandra Hammond
Ali Osborn
Alice Gong
Alison Kudlow
Amadeo Morelos
Amber Rane Sibley
Amorelle Jacox
Amy Tidwell
Andrea Belag
Angel Cotray
Anthony Torrano
Blayne Planit
Brittany Adeline King
Bryan Fernandez
Capucine Bourcart
Chris Daharsh
Chris Dunlap
Christina Barrera
Claire Whitehurst
Clementine Williams
Coco Lim Haas
Dani Toral
Debbi Kenote
Emily Galvin
Eric Lawton
Erin Kate Archer
Evelyn Tan
Fanny Brodar
Floria Gonzalez
Giona Maiarelli
Gunner Dongieux
Heather Drayzen
Helia Chitsazan
Holly Grosvenor
Inbal Sella
Isabelle Schipper
Jack Arthur Wood
Jackie Meier
Jacob Littlejohn
Jenna Ransom
Jesse Moy
Jessi Olarsch
Joey Parlett
John Denniston II
Jonathan VanDyke
Juan Arango Palacio
Julie Seyler
Kaley Weil
Kim Uchiyama
Kiyomi Quinn Taylor
Kristin Endsley
Lanyi Gao
Lauren Cline
Lena Zak
Lucia Buricelli
Makan Negahban
Marina Sagona
Maximilian Thuemler
Megan Elizabeth
Meris Drew
Michael Cuadrado
Michael Gac Levin
Miria-Sabina Maciągiewicz
Nicole Schonitzer
Obi Agwam
Orli Swergold
Paula Lycan
Pol Morton
Polly Adams
Rachel Hayden
Raphy Griswold
Reba Kittredge Tyson
Ronan Day Lewis
Sarah Grass
Shaun Haugen
Silvia Muleo
Skye Volmar
Stephanie Ketty
Tara Lewis
Tom Hecht
Verona Peñalba

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, August 9th, 6pm - 9pm
Projet Moné, 545 Broadway, New York, NY

Online viewing room